27 January 2015

Cost of treatment

Category: Strony (EN)


Kubuś underwent his first surgery on 29 September 2014 in Poznań. The surgery was carried out by doctor Shadi. He had a reconstruction of the lateral malleolus, positioning of the foot and straightening of the tibia. The surgery cost PLN 9,000. There was a long queue for the surgery in the National Health Fund (NFZ) hospital, so we opted for private treatment, because the surgery had to be done between 12 and 24 months of age.

Kubuś will undergo further surgeries, if there are no complications, when he is 3 years old. He will have the Ilizarov apparatus attached to lengthen the tibia and correct the valgum knee. At the moment, the leg is 10 cm shorter and Kubuś cannot walk on both legs. He is learning to walk on a custom-made brace produced by an orthopaedic company. The lengthening of the leg will be carried out every 3 years until the end of the growth period, that is approx. 17 years of age. One Ilizarov apparatus costs PLN 20,000. Kubuś could have the surgery at the National Health Fund hospital not earlier than in 2020, therefore we are raising funds for our son’s treatment at a private facility.

Kubuś has a long-term treatment and life-long rehabilitation ahead of him, therefore we would like to ask for your help to raise funds for our son’s treatment. Thank you.