27 January 2015


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2014 Charity Calendar

All proceeds from the sale of the calendar will contribute to the treatment and rehabilitation of Antosia and Kubuś.

Jakub Denys - Kalendarz Charytatywny 2014Jakub Denys - 2014 Charity Calendar is a charity project. It is about raising funds for the treatment and further health care for children in need. The proceeds from the sale of the calendar will be divided between Antosia Wieczorek and Jakub Denys. The funds will help to pay for the surgeries of both children, which will enable them to walk and assure their mobility. They will save Antosia’s both legs from amputation, and Kubuś will be able to make his first independent steps.

Jakub Denys - Kalendarz Charytatywny 2014

Top Polish models took part in the 2014 Calendar session, among them: Anita Sikorska, Kinga Waszak, Ewelina Obszańska, Marta Gut, Sylwia Nowak, Zuzanna Chyba, Ola Brunath, Katarzyna Kordaczuk, Agata Witkowska, Zhanna Ratajczak, Monika Pietrasińska and Kasia Danysz. It is through their involvement and their great heart for the support of the entire fund-raising to help children that the campaign and activities were largely successful. And the calendar itself gained immense popularity and success among Poles wanting to help.

The apparatus is most commonly used in the correction of axial disorders and limb lengthening, but also in the treatment of feet distortions (e.g. clubfoot), achondroplasia (dwarfism), trauma (e.g. severe fractures), joint contractures (congenital or acquired), false joints, palsy deformities, complementing bone defects after tumour resection.


source: www.infogliwice.pl